Who doesn't love Super Bomberman, my favorite is Super Bomberman 3. I didn't dig through it looking for many difference, if any. The board it came on was bad, had to swap the ROMs to a new board.

Super Bomberman (USA) (Sample) Super Bomberman (USA) (Sample) Super Bomberman (USA) (Sample)

The EEPROM has this written on it:

1993-05-11 (Kanji?)
SUM= [3953]
---------------------Internal ROM Info----------------------
       File: Super Bomberman (USA) (Sample).sfc
       Name: SUPER BOMBERMAN          Company: Hudson Soft
     Header: None                        Bank: HiROM
Interleaved: None                        SRAM: 0 Kb
       Type: Normal                       ROM: 4 Mb
    Country: USA                        Video: NTSC
  ROM Speed: 200ns (SlowROM)         Revision: 1.0
   Checksum: Good 0x3953            Game Code:
      CRC32: ACC4D648
        MD5: D67A1A2B0FAC0564D950F8CD45FEE3C2
      SHA-1: 454854D03D14B045673145ABCEBF3A2A3757D8A1


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