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BS-X, Prototype, Unreleased & Other Unique ROMs
GK Writer / GK Terminal - NP Carts Sales Sheet
Matthew Callis

This is a sales sheet for the tentatively named Game Kiosk, which was the working name for the Nintendo Power rewritable cart service. This breaks down what it is, or was planned to be, how it works, how partners would work with it, and various technical details for the GK Writer, the GK Terminal and F Carts, the white Nintendo Power carts.

I've scanned the pages and attempted to extract the text and added machine translations for the contents. If you can translate them better please let me know and I will update the text below. I've also collected them into a single PDF for easier grouping.

Street Fighter 2 Zero (Japan) (Prototype)

This is an early Street Fighter Alpha 2 / Street Fighter Zero 2 (ストリートファイターZERO 2) prototype, notable due to the fact is does not yet use the special chip and is very early in development. There were several auctions sold by safestuff1 and I bought 2 copies and decided not to buy any more after they were identical and board images were not posted and showed more final character select screens. The date on the first auction has the EEPROMs labeled with the date 6/11, while the date from the other board is 9/15.