Started 2007-04-01 · Emulation / Objective-C / 2060697bytes / by Matthew Callis

   Lesminni is a tool for general ROM management under the Apple Mac OS X operating system. I wrote this to introduce myself to the Objective-C programming language and to gain a better understanding of ROM structures. This was a fun project for me and I hope to add more functionality to the program. Lesminni currently supports the following ROM types:
- Nintendo (*.nes)
- Super Nintendo (*.sfc, *.smc, *.swc, *.078, *.fig)
- Virtual Boy (*.vb)
- Game Boy / Game Boy Advance (*.gb, *.gbc, *.gba)
- Famicom Disk System (*.fds)
- Nintendo DS (*.nds)

   Lesminni was created to simply check my ROMs against the No-Intro DAT files but it has grown to now support the following functions:
- Display the ROMs internal info
- Calculate ROM Checksum
- Rename ROMs based on internal info or from a ClrMame DAT *Disabled*
- Export ROM list in ClrMame Pro Format
- Display the ROMs internal info

- Display all read ROM information
- Export ROM lists in other formats
- Select your own list Icon


The source code is now hosted on GitHub, and you can download the Lesminni Source, contribute ideas or bugs, changes or anything else that you see you can do.

v1.0 Beta
Even Better Scanner Routine
Even Faster CRC Routines
Brand New GUI
Lists to manages the ROMs
SmartLists to manage ROMs
Right Click/Control Click Support
Much More
v0.4 (32)
Better Scanner Routine
Faster CRC Routine
v0.3 (23)
Added ClrMame DAT Format Support
Added Ability to rename ROMs based on DAT
v0.2 (12)
Added Virtual Boy Support
Added Nintendo 64 Support
v0.1 (1)
First Release